The vision for
East Hemel

The Crown Estate is proud to be developing two new neighbourhoods and a pioneering commercial cluster at East Hemel, working in partnership with the Hemel Garden Communities development programme.

Today, the site is mostly agricultural land, located to the west of the M1, and inaccessible to the public. We have owned and looked after this land, a 849-acre site in Hertfordshire, for over 90 years. Now, we want to transform it into a place for the next generation.

This will include:

• Two mixed-use neighbourhoods including new homes, work spaces, schools and safe places to play

• An enterprise cluster bringing together future-focussed clean tech, smart construction and agri-tech companies

• Accessible green space approximately half of the land will be retained as green space and made accessible for the public

We believe our plan for East Hemel responds to local needs in a sensitive and sustainable way, bringing previously inaccessible space into community use which would justify a change from its use as Green Belt land.


girl eating tomatoes

We plan to create a space with...

An extensive
public realm

bike and building

country park

dog walker

Potential for

of travel around the area to be by sustainable means

new schools


new village centres


sq. ft. of space for our enterprise zone

Approx. half of the land
retained as green space


new jobs

An improved public transport infrastructure



The Crown Estate is a unique business with a diverse portfolio that stretches across the country.

It includes some of central London’s best places to work, shop, live and experience as well as regional retail and leisure destinations across the country, the Windsor Estate and Great Park. We also manage the seabed and half the foreshore around England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our purpose is to create lasting and shared prosperity for the nation. We place equal importance on creating environmental, social and commercial value both today, and for future generations.

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What does this mean for East Hemel?

Through our sole ownership of the East Hemel site, we have a rare opportunity to deliver a cohesive vision. We value the community and take pride in the relationships we have with local residents, business groups, stakeholders and partners. We intend to build on East Hemel’s historic significance and create long-term positive impact for the local community. We took the same approach with Burnhill Green – a development that, in partnership with the local community, showcases our determination to deliver high quality design, coupled with high specification environmental credentials.

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